3 Best Shooting Mats for Long Range Shooting

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Why Do I Need A Shooting Mat?

Shooting mats aren’t necessary, but they’re a great idea if you plan on shooting in rocky, muddy, or wet/snowy ground. They’re also multi-purpose as they can be used as extra padding under your sleeping bag if you are camping overnight or as an extra pillow. Some even serve as a rifle case and feature extra pouches to hold your ammo and gear.

When buying a shooting mat, you want to be sure to purchase a shooting mat that is durable, comfortable, weatherproof, and anti-slip.

Here are some of the top professional shooting mats and rifle case / shooting mat combos for long range shooting.

1. VISM by NcStar Roll Up Shooting Mat

Simple, compact, affordable, and comfortable. This VISM roll up shooting mat by NcStar is made with tough PVC material that is water and chemical resistant, making it super durable and great for rugged environments. The shoulder strap offers a dual-purpose – one to make it easy to carry your mat, and another to help secure your firearm bipod in place and prevent the rifle from moving forward under recoil. It is heavy duty yet lightweight, and it rolls up easily.

Dimensions: 35″ wide by 69″ long, 19.5″W by 8.5″H rolled up
Padding: Approximately .30″
Weight: Approximately 3 lbs 12 oz
Features: Includes carry handle with adjustable shoulder strap, reinforced cross stitching in critical areas, elbow and knee slip-resistant panels
Available in a variety of colors/designs including black, camo, digital camo, green, grey, and tan

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2. VISM by NcStar Rifle Case Shooting Mat

This VISM multi-purpose shooting mat by NcStar also doubles as a rifle case! Constructed of heavy duty PVC material, this shooters mat has everything you need to store your rifle, accessories, and even ballistic charts and maps. It comes with MOLLE webbing on one side of the case, so if you use the MOLLE tactical gear attachment system, you can easily expand your storage capacity on this shooting mat.

Zippers on the main compartment do include a small hole if you want to use a small padlock on it, but if you want to lock it with a TSA-approved lock for flights, it will not work, so just be aware of that limitation. Otherwise, you may be able to fit it inside a medium- to large-sized suitcase if needed.

All in all, this deluxe rifle case shooters mat combo is an excellent value and very well-built!

Dimensions: 35″ wide by 66″ long, comes folded in half
Features: Includes backpack straps, heavy duty zippers, carry handle straps, MOLLE webbing to attach other MOLLE compatible gear, ID card window, one piece cleaning rod compartment, slip resistant panels, muzzle pouch for rifle, removable panels with zippered compartments – one with elastic bands for storing individual cartridges, another panel with a clear plastic window for storing ballistic charts and maps, and so much more.
Available in a variety of colors/designs including black, camo, green, and tan

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3. VooDoo Tactical Roll Up Shooter’s Mat with Ammo and Gear Pouches, Lightweight, Padded

This Voodoo Tactical Roll Up Shooter’s Mat is lightweight, padded, easy to roll up, and features fold-out, non-slip elbow wings for wider protection. It also has adjustable straps with quick release buckles, removable tool pouch, ammo pouch, bullet slots, and more.

Dimensions: Approx. 48″ wide by 69″ long at its widest point (elbow wings extended). Its narrowest point is 21″
Features: Lightweight padded protection, fold-out elbow wings, easy roll up, sewn-in data book pocket with pen holder, removable tool pouch, ammo pouch and bullet slots for easy access, adjustable straps with quick release buckles, plus it comes with extra male and E buckles.
Available in a variety of colors/designs including black, camo, green, and tan

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If you are looking for more shooters mats, be sure to check out these featured shooting mats for more options on the most popular and best rated shooting mats on Amazon.

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